Components for the KIT:s

Here you have pictures for clarification to the components shipped with the kits. Updated July 26

This is what you find in the box (version without SMD premounted). Click for larger picture.

When the SMD:s are not preassembled we ship them on to a piece of paper. This makes it easy for you just to move them across as per the instructions. There is one paper for each board (A and B). You find the papers wrapped up in the bottom of tha carton.

Designation clarification
In the "Bill Of Material-document" you find reference to the designation used
(Pictures kindly shot by SM6KNL Lennart)

This is a 22uF Tantalytic capacitor. The designator is "226". A capacitor with 2.2UF would have the designator 225.

These are 1uH inductors. The "R" can confuse you to beliwe it is a resistors, bit it isnīt...

Inductors again: 1R5 = 1.5uH, 220 = 22uH.
If it had said "221" we would have had 220uH. Same logic as with resisstors.<

Inductors: 102 = 1000uH, R33 = 0.33 uH, R68 = 0.68uH. Again, same logic as with resistors.