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Here we have archived "old news" for reference.

Oct 2, 2010. A great number of visitors at the yearly SK0QO fleamarket showed a positive interest in our great project. A number of new ideas came up.
Aug 2.
Some minor updates to the revisioninfo for QROlle Classic. Great to see that there are Classic-rigs being worked on.
June 24.
SM7EOI Tobbe has done some valuable updates to the QROlle II firmware. We now have a working feature for low power tuning of the antenna with the QROlle II. You can download the binary and manual here. Thank you Tobbe for your work!!
April 7. A updated QROlle-presentation is now ready to download (pdf). It will be used for presentations by the QROlle-team during 2010.
Mar 31.
QROlle #5 is now remotecontrolled over the Internet using "remoterig-equipment". This is possible as the QROlle is CAT-controllable. We will be remotecontrolling the QROlle from the NRRL and SSA-meeting in April 2010. Come and see/try.
Mar 24.
A number of new QROlle-stations are now QRV on the bands. Have a look and see in the log and you see who has a kit and who is on. Make sure you update the team on status of things.
Mar 17.
A minor but annoying bug has been sorted by SM7EOI. You can find the new firmware for download in the building pages.
Please report to to us (info(a) how you are doing with your building progress of your kit. Especially we are of course very interested in knowing when you are done and ready for the air.
SM6DJH Olle has made some updates to the building instructions for the SMD preassembled kits. Pls download the most recent document (Found here) before you build your kit.
Jan21. SM7EOI Torbjorn has done a great job in tweaking the code in the QROlle for enhanced the functionality. The updated version of the software is ready for download in the building pages.
Jan01. Happy New year all QROlle-friends!! We now have a new year ahead and we wish all a successfull year with or without a QROlle to use.
Dec17. Minor adjustments in the building instructions for SMD pre assembled kits. Pls download to get most recent info.
Dec 4.
We have got very positive feedback to the updated software version recently launched. A small glitch has been updated by Nils. Version 44 is now ready for download. The sourcecode is also available. Find all here.
Nov 24 We are pleased to say that we now have updates to the users manuals in both English and Swedish. Thank you for your patience.
We would like to get in touch with builder volunteers out there!. We have got requests by people if somebody would like to help out building a QROlle for them. Pls get in tourch wit us at :
Nov 10. We can now proudly present a updated software for the QROlle II. SM5DEH Nils has together with SM0JZT Tilman ironed out some great new features and functions. Download the users manual and software and get it onto your QROlle II via the RS232-intarface.
A very big thank you to Nils for this huge contribution!!
Nov 6. Added some clarification for calibration of DDS ref osc vs. LCD display read out. See documentation here.
Nov3. SM5DEH NIls is working hard on not just tidying up the software. He has also added accukeyer function into the software as a bonus. Stay tuned for release of the new software. Also adding a updated users manual
Oct 22: Building feedback please
How are you doing with your QROlle II kits out there? Please send feedback to us on your building progress. We are currently catching up with software revisions and building documentation. Stay tuned!
Oct 3: QROlle at the fleamarket in Handen! Great to meet you all there. Visitors could not just see the QROlle live, but also see it being remotecontrolled over the net. Here a pic from the table (taken by SM0FOB)
Sept 16: You have oportunities to meet us at various meetings during the year. Tånga Hed on the Swedish west coast beginning of Sept was attended by SM6DJH Olle. The flea market in Handen Okt3 will be next oportunity. Very welcome ! SM0JZT Tilman will be there!!
Aug 26:
Software for the Digital board in form of Open Source is possible to download here! Also the schematics for the Contol Board as well as the pinout of the Digital Board connectors are found here.

Aug12: Minor updates to winding instructions. Aug11: We will meet and greet on 80 meters (3742kHz) every sunday. Starting Aug16 at 17.00 CET. Check in and have a chat. With or witout your QROlle. Very Welcome!!!
Aug11. Revision information.
We will (when needed) update the box in the building instruction. Look in there on a regular basis for news.
Aug 8
The first QROlle II:s are now QRV. Congratulations to SM4KEL SM6KNL and SM4MNC!!
July 28.
A picture tells more than a thousand words. We have now uploaded high resulution pictures of al the boards. This for you reference when building your kits. Look here for the pics
July 25.
Some minor updates to the mechanical assembly manual. Some based on great feedback from builders. Much appriciated.
July 21.
The building instructions for kits with all SMD premounted has been written in Swedish and English by SM6DJH Olle and SM5DEH Nils. Now ready for download.
July 20.
Teammember SM4UOX Lars has translated the building instructions into Swedish for them who have ordered the kit witout premounted SMD:s.

July 15.
Various updates to building documentation and homepage undertaken. Bill Of Material for board A and B added.
July 14. The first 31 Kits are now shipped !
We are very pleased to announce that the forst 31 kits are sent off throught the mail and coming to happy kit builder in the next couple of days. Have fun guys !!
Juli 10.
För våra svenska byggare finns nu en bygginstruktion på svenska som pdf att ladda ner. Gäller för det byggsatser som levereras med alla ytmonterade komponenter förmonterade. Hämta från bygginstruktionssidan.
July 3.
The order log is now updated with all the current orders for the kit. We are really pleased with the result so far. Kit will start shipping during next week.
July 1.
Today we have uploaded the first draft of the mechanical assembly instructions. A picture says more than thousand words is the concept with a lot of pictures. See building instructions page

June 30 2009.
Updated users manual uploaded to site. Clarification on programming of CPU via serial interface.
June 29.
New orders coming in every day. The building instructions are today having some updates on details. See building instructions page to download. Added picture of rig in it's case.
June 17.
Already 32 orders received on the new QROlle II. This just after a couple of days after launch. Thank you so very much for the support. /QROlle-team. Check the order log here.

June 12. The building instructions page is updated withrevised building instructions and complete schematics for board A and B.
June 10. We are ready to take orders now!
Look in the Q&A to the left for details!
June 7.
QROlle will be presented at the Uppsala möte fieldday. Nils SM5DEH will also show how to remotecontrol it over Internet.
June 2.
Time to order the kits. First though we will be adressing the patient OM:s that have preordered the kits since quite some time. Stay tuned for an email !
Building instructions for the analogoue part are now available for download here. Comments appricated.
May 14
Moving building instructions to separate page. A number of F.A.Q in homepage
April 26
The users manual (version 1.1) is now ready for download!. We will add more features and material soon. Comments are welcomed.
April 16
We have uploaded the presentationsdocument that is going to be used April 18 at the SSA yearly assembly. It can be downloaded here.
We have also connected up the first QROlle II onto the Internet. It can be remote controlled. We are using remoterig-equipment.
April 12
A draft version of the building instructions can now be downloaded from this homepage. Gives you a feel for the documentation, building and testing instructions.
Mar 29
Some new documentation for the programming has today been uploaded. Click here to get the page for user interface and programming information.
Mar 27 We are working with SM2O Mikael on a project to remote control rigs over Internet, not just the QROlle. For that we have a developed the "Remote Rig Controll". It is basically a CPU-board and display that handles CAT-commands over a serial interface. More information on that shortly.
Mar 21 Nils SM5DEH and Tilman SM0JZT exibited the QROlle line of radio-kits on the yearly Ham Radio Fair in Eskilstuna/Sweden. Many OM:s came along and had a peek at our kits. Unfortunately we are not yet ready to ship kits. But all components are bought so we are very close.
Mar 11 Here is a downloadable PDF-document of the block diagram of the QROlle II Analgue parts.
A number of teleconferences have been done over the last couple of weeks with the QROlle team. We are working out component supply and design and shipment details with the case and kit delivery project.
Feb 6 Time to order components and set up the QROlle shop! We are now working hard with gathering components and start working on the order process for the KIT-ordering. Shurely we are getting there with things.
Jan 18
The kit building documentation is worked on at this moment. The Final Boards A and B ar documented. The "Digital" boards C and D will be shipped mainly prebuilt.
Jan 11, 2009 A lot of time is spent doing the kit-building documentation. Today all up to the building of the reciever has been completed. Now the DSB(SSB)/CW-generator and PA is in turn before the meachanics is to be documented. So we are getting closer now.
Dec 29 We are now starting to build the second run of prototype boards before going live with the kit-production. Look out fot a new Video to the project below.
Dec 5
We finally have the layout of all the boards (A to D) so we can start ordering them for the upcoming kits. Next part of the project is sourcing components and doing all the extensive documentation needed. Watch THIS space.
Oct 31-Nov2 QROlle will be shown at the "hobbyfair" in Stockholm. Visit us at the SSA-boot. Look in the homepage of the hobbyfair for opening hours.
Oct 4.
Looks like we can surely say that the QROlle is a proper CW-rig now. SM5DEH and SM0JZT had a demo-session at the Haninge fleamarket today. All CW-operators where very pleased with the CW-functionality. SM0BYD Hans really did fall in love with the possibilities.
Sept 20.
It has been a lot of hard work with the software. We have had quite a bit of help with the design of the bug-software by SM5COP and SM7CBS.
Sept 8.
We are starting to upload software to the homepage. These are to be used for programming the QROlle.
Aug 22. It is now possible to load software into the CPU via the USB-interface. Nils has been working hard with this for a long time. Tilman is doing documentation to describe the upload process in text and graphics.
July 20. It looked like the AD9834 CRUZ did not accept a 100MHz reference signal. Some chips do, but not all. We tried a 75MHz reference. But with some tweaking of the oscillator driving the DDS chip fixed the problem and we can now use 100MHz for a clean DDS output.
July 17. First Video on YouTube related to the QROlle-project.
June27: SM5DEH Nils has finished assembling the A and B board today! Looks nice doesn't it! Lets see who is ready next. After that a lot of testing is needed.
June 14: Round of Beta test units are now being built by the QROlle-team. The reason for this is to find the eventual mechanical and electrical problems before we start the production of kits.
June 12: The QROlle-prototype has been sent to SM4DHN Lars-Bertil for evaluation. Lars-Bertil is going to work hard on the details with components.
June 6-7: The QROlle-prototype was on test and display during the Uppsala Radioamatörer fieldday in Uppsala. The prototype was also discussed and demonstrated at the SK0TM operator assembly meeting

une: We now have a official e-mail-address for all QROlle-queries. Direct them to: 

May: SM5DEH Nils with support from Tilman has been working hard with the software details. The user interface is now very intuitive.
April 26, 2008: QROlle presentation at the SSA yearly assembly. Here are the slides (3meg pdf)

Presentation at the yearly assembly for SSA in Sweden. April 18 2009. QROlle was there! 

In the picture you see SM6DJH Olle and SM5DEH Nils in a rare quiet moment during the exebition April 18 2009. The QROlle is on stand and a lot of interested OM:s stopped by asking questions and signing up for the upcoming kit.

QROlle was there !

On the desk you see the QROlle rigs on display. Far down in the middle you can see the brand new Remote Rig Controller by SM5DEH. With that you can remote control a QROlle or other rig via CAT commands. In white shirt SM0JZT Tilman. SM5DEH Nils peeks out behind the guy in brown jacket. On the desk next to ours SM2O Mikael displayed the very interesting remoterig devices. With that you can run your station remote over Internet. Not just the QROlle....
Above picture taken by SM0TAE Robert

Pictures from project

In this picture you can see SM6DJH Olle and SM5DEH Nils in the lab of Nils. They have been discussing different components to use.

The team had a very interesting and usefull meeting June 2 2007. We met at teammember Lars-Bertil SM4DHN:s place, Just outside of Hagfors.

The guys are from right to left. SM6DJH Olle, SM4DHN Lars-Bertil, SM5DEH Nils and SM0JZT Tilman

In this picture you can see Olle SM6DJH and Nils SM5DEH sitting and discussing the next generation QROlle. The box in the middle is a prototype of the rig. You can see the size of the rig to come.

A stack of QRP-rigs meeting May 1, 2008. From bottom, the Elecraft K2 is a proven design and a very good performer. In the middle you see the QROlle Classic. On top you see the QROlle-II. It says 5 Bands, but there are actually 6 bands in this prototype.