The QROlle II QRP-rig
Updated Mar 8 , 2013 - SM0JZT

Please note that we have stopped production of the kits.
A list of all QROlle-II rigs with owners/ Builders can be found here.

Here we are publishing revision to the QROlle. Both Software and hardvare. Pls check regularly.
1. We have found that some of the prebuilt B-boards have a inductor of 2.2uH placed instead of 2.2uF capacitor in position C32B and C59B. Please check carefully. and let us know if you have it.
2. New version of software published. See users manual for details.
3. Adjustment of the bulding instructions for the voltages measured with mode swicht testing.

4: We have added som comments on the QROlle II performance on selectivity and Sensitivity. Read here.

Frequently Asked Questions and answers here:
1. Q - How much for the kit ?
: The price for the kit is SEK4950.- excluding shipping costs.
2. Q - Can I get all the SMD:s premounted on the boards?
Yes for an additional charge of SEK375.- we also ship the A and B-boards (analogue) with all the SMD:s in place.
3. Q
- What is included in the kit?
All components and hardware needed to build the kit. The A and B-boards are for the analog part. The Controller (C) and Digital (D) board come pre-assembled, programmed and tested
4. Q
- What information is needed for the order?
. Send an e-mail to info(a) with the following details:
Name, Callsign, Postal adress. Type of kit (preassembled or not). In a confirmation e-mail, you will then get the payment details.
5. Q - Does the kit get a serial number?
: Yes we will give the kits a serial number. All orders will be logged in a separate homepage so that you can keep track of "your" order with serial number and shipping-information. Look in the order log for details.
6. Q - What tools and instruments are needed for assembly ?
A: Basic tools like a good quality soldering iron, solder and hand tools. For alignment an universal digital instrument does a good job. An extra reciever, a frequency counter and an oscilloscope is great to have for good measurement control. Further information is given in the building instructions page.
7. Q. Where can i get support if something fails?
A. 1. First of all you should consult the manual for the kit building.
2. Share your thoughts and questions with kitbuilders in the Yahoogroup: QROlle
3. Ask the designers. Analog SM6DJH Olle ( sm6djh(a) ), Digital SM5DEH Nils (sm5deh(a), Components SM4DHN Lars-Bertil (sm4dhn(a)
8. Q - National language support?
A. Early on in the project we decided to stick to having all documentation in English. This so that we would make it easier to keep track of information and also make it easier for people from outside of Sweden to understand the project. We though have some documentation in Swedish.

9. Q - What about performance of the rig.
A. Read here for discussion on that.
Building instructions

ANALOG side of things

Schematics pdf (Ver 4) for analog boards A and B
Bill Of Material Board A and B pdf
Clarification to Bill Of Material. Look here

Info på Svenska

Teknisk beskrivning av analogdelen, ur SSA:s medlemstidning QTC:
Del 1, Del 2, Del 3, Digital pdf
Teknisk beskrivning av digitaldelen, ur SSA:s medlemsdigning QTC
Bygginstruktioner för analogkorten A och B:
Ej förmonterade ytmonterade komponenter
Med förmonterade ytmonterade komponenter

Mekanisk sammansättning
Användarmanual för mjukvara version 44
Användarmanual för mjukvara version 45 Ny-24 Juni

DIGITAL side of things

Schematics, pdf Board C (and D connectors)

Programming of the QROlle SMART-front CPU:
Here is a starting point of software that is to be used for the programming of the QROlle CPU .

Programming of the CPU-board is documented in the users manual.
Users manual for software version 44d here Not to be used
Users manual for software version 45 here This is the official binary to use.

SAM-BA software AT91-ISP v1.12 is needed for software download (3 Mbyte)

Source code for the Digital board as per Open Source agreement.
Download source archive: ver45
SM7EOI Torbjörn has done the most recent revisions to the source. Thank you so very much !!

Definition file for virtual COM-port to QROlle via USB.

Detailed pictures of the boards
A picture says more than a thousand words... Look for details on the high resolution pictures.

This is the Analogue A board. Here you have the reciever and most of the band pass filters. Click picture for high resolution 2.5Mb

This is the Analogue B board. Here you have the Driver, PA and Lowpassfilter. Pls note that the 2 x 16 pin connectors are turned up sid down in error in this picture.
Click picture for high resolution 2.5Mb

This is the C (Combo) board. Here are the DDS and IO-circuits.
Click picture for high resolution 0.6Mb

This is the D (Digital) board. It sits on the back end of the front panel.
Click picture for high resolution 1Mb

The final frontpanel of the QROlle II.

The final back panel of the QROlle II.


SM5DEH Nils has spend endless hours ironing out the great software used in the QROlle II. Here you see him in his lab in Uppsala/ Sweden. Without him, the QROlle would not have had all the great software features - besides being a great analogue performer.

Above you have the block diagram of the QROlle II
Here is a PDF-document for download of the picture above.